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an encounter with telenoid

We got up early in an inn. It is a pleasant, small hotel, by a river, in the area where hot springs are available. We had to leave there as early as possible because our class started around 8:30 in the morning.

Schoolchildren arrived from two other schools for the class. The school itself was small with only eighteen students, of whom two are in the 6th grade and another two in the 5th grade. Other 33 students came over from other areas. They are barely functional as an institution with few population.

Kids were open to new experiences and soon learnt to use telenoids as medium. They were obviously exited with the fancy robot. We too had an important encounter with those students and their teachers as well. They were all curious to know why it was developed and what we were investigating with it. The dancer, Mr. Jareo, was insightful as usual and sparked the inspiration within those schoolchildren with his feat.

We were tired when finished it, but more than happy to see those schoolchildren leave with something learnt in an unusual environment we had set up. Thank you, children and people at the school.

a first encounter with telenoid

Mr. Jareo, the dancer, shows students how to animate the telenoid

The schoolchildren were all very quick in learning to contact with the robot

The other group concluded their session with dancing

They have learnt to communicate with each other through telenoid very quickly

I walked around the school while waiting the team to pack up the luggage. There was a shinto shrine on the hill in front of the school. The hill was occupied by one of the earliest emperors in Japan, who came to conquer a local tribe. It occurred more than 1,500 years ago.

Children from other schools went back after they have eaten the lunch together.